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Interview Preparation and Coaching


With ample experience and a track record of significant success, Dr. Nick Klein believes that the key to successful interviewing for academic music positions is not your musical skills, rather the amount of preparation and practice you've put in for each interview. 

Dr. Klein has been praised for the quality of his submitted materials, his meticulous attention to detail, and his extremely evident research and preparation for every school with which he has interviewed. Because of his notable success in the field of academic interviews, Dr. Klein has become an expert in helping hopeful music academics prepare applications and for interviews in a way that will ensure more successful outcomes than previously experienced. 

Whether you need help preparing application materials (Cover Letter, CV, DEI Statements, etc.) or preparing for initial zoom interviews, Dr. Klein is here to help! 


Dr. Klein offers comprehensive review of application documents - thoroughly reviewing and offering suggested edits to enhance the quality of submitted application materials, assistance in the process of submitting university applications, as well as interview coaching - consisting of research, preparatory questions, and ample feedback and opportunities to practice implementing feedback to ensure greater success in actual interview settings. 

Regardless of whether you are preparing your first application for an academic position in music or your 20th, Dr. Klein has knowledge and experience to share that will undoubtedly elevate your application and interview skills in a way that can't be denied. 

 Are you accepting new clients at this time: I am currently accepting new clients for interview preparation and coaching!

Where do you meet for coachings?: I currently offer all interview coaching sessions via zoom.

How much do interview coachings cost: 

  • Coachings are $75/hr, with the initial coaching including a preemptive CV review and suggested edits. 

  • Document review only costs $50, with written feedback and suggested edits being provided via email

  • Application assistance costs $75 for anything within 1 hour. Additional time will be charged at $20 per 15 minutes. 

Late/cancellation policy: I require 24 hours notice if you must cancel a coaching session/application session. Cancelling within the 24 hour window will require full payment of the missed coaching/application session

To schedule an interview coaching session, please fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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