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Student Testimonials


I've taken voice with Mr. Klein for two quarters and have already seen a lot of improvement both in classical and contemporary singing. He is very knowledgeable about vocal techniques and is always able to get the best sound out of me. I've learned important lessons about posture, breathing, mouth/vowel shapes, laryngeal placement, grounding and countless practice techniques I have incorporated into my routine. Whenever I feel stuck, he always has a solution up his sleeve. I leave every lesson having learned something new and feeling significant progress. He is also proficient in many languages and has taught me pronunciation for my foreign language repertoire. Mr. Klein is welcoming and encouraging in his lessons. It's important for me to be comfortable in order to do my best singing, and he makes that easy for me. He is understanding whenever I make mistakes or have bad voice days. I look forward to continuing lessons with him and growing my voice even more.

-Sophia Ma, BM Music Composition at the University of Washington

I have worked with Nick under a number of capacities; as an accompanist, guest lecturer, voice teacher; Nick is always immensley prepared and professional. Despite Nick's immense talents as a singer and pianist, he is incredibly humble and a joy to work with.

-Katrina Turman, MM Choral Conducting at the University of Washington


Taking voice lessons with Nicholas has changed the way that I feel about voice lessons entirely. He brings an incredibly kind and helpful aura to the table every day that invites me to learn and feel excited about pushing myself even on my worst days. I love the way he can adjust quickly to change his verbiage (without any hint of frustration or judgement) if there is something  technical that I do not understand. Nicholas has true gift when it comes to teaching. Anyone would be so very lucky to be his future student.

-Savannah Johnston, BM Music Composition at the University of Washington


Professional Testimonials


As a working Musical Theatre professional in NYC, I need consistent access to an accompanist that is ready to deliver. Nick has been my tried-and-true pianist for almost two decades! Efficient, considerate and adaptable, Nick churns out any audition cut quickly and beautifully, always lending a helpful hand for any advice I may need along the way to book the job.

-Grace Lollert, NYC and Aida Cruise Lines

Nick served as my accompanist during my time as a graduate vocal student at the University of Washington. He is an extremely gifted pianist, and his pedagogical knowledge is immensely helpful in a coaching setting. I refer all of my choral students to him for vocal lessons, and their improvement is quickly evident and he gives them the tools to transfer their new knowledge into the choral setting. It is clear that the techniques he teaches have a meaningful and lasting impact on his students. Nick is a wonderful friend and colleague to all who are lucky enough to work with him!

- Jo Beth Wasicek, MM Choral Conducting at the University of Washington

In my youth I loved show choir, concert choir, and honors choir more than I could possibly put into words... but what's an adult to do with all of that love for singing? I'll tell you what... take lessons with Nick! A mutual friend of ours connected Nick and I to help me tune up a few songs I agreed to sing for two funerals and one wedding. Fewer than five lessons later, Nick helped me make more strides connecting my chest and head voice than I ever did in all of my years of choir. He taught me how to sing pop music for an audience other than my dashboard. I felt like I could sing numbers by Lady GaGa, Adele, and Celine Dion like never before. Nick is the consummate professional, while somehow also being incredibly kind, funny, and personable. I cannot overstate the importance of feeling comfortable during a voice lesson, and Nick created an environment for me--even through zoom!--where I felt like I was able to take risks and learn from mistakes like I'd never had with another teacher before. He is a rare gem and if you are at all considering lessons with him, let me be the small voice speaking to you that says, "do it"! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that your lessons with Nick will end up being some of the best spent hours of your life.

-Caroline Crow, Adult Avocational Singer

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